Build Our Nebraska

A career in construction?  The answer by industry partners who have joined to help promote the initiative Build Our Nebraska say, "why not?". Consider the following, construction offers the next generation of workers an annual average wage of $43,400.00.  Not only are individuals in the construction industry compensated well, those wanting to join the profession have multiple entry points based upon level of education, work experience, and desired goals.  Once in the profession, a wide array of career paths are available.  Jon Bounds, a project foreman at General Excavating, shares his thoughts on the satisfaction of working in the construction industry on the AGC Nebraska Building Chapter's video testimonial page along with many others who have chosen the field.  Construction is a growing employment field with 25% growth expected over the next several years.  What does this mean to graduating high school or college students... opportunity!  General Excavating is proud to be a supporter of Build Our Nebraska and encourages other industry or construction partners to do the same.