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General Excavating, led by Scott Fitzgerald and Joe D’Amico, is an underground utility contractor in Lincoln, Nebraska. Entering our fourth decade, General Excavating is a leader in underground utilities because of our commitment to making sure high-quality work is completed safely in a “cost-effective” and “timely” manner.  You want the work done once and done right, so do we!
General Excavating has won numerous awards for construction excellence including a National Excellence in Construction Award for our performance on the $3.2 million Nebraska Innovation Campus Centralized Renewable Energy System Project in which over 10,000 lineal feet of 30-inch ductile iron pipe was installed with “zero” leaks.  We have also won a National Excellence in Construction Award for our work on the $4.3 million dollar Lincoln Electric System Salt Valley Generating Station Make Up Water Supply & Blowdown Project.  We have completed a variety of infrastructure projects for commercial, industrial, retail, and residential developments.  General Excavating has earned a strong reputation for taking on and successfully completing some of the area's most challenging projects. We our committed to high quality work done right and done on time while maintaining high standards for safety. 
As one of area’s leading construction firms, General Excavating looks forward to helping you complete your project.
Scott Fitzgerald, President - sfitzgerald@generalexcavating.com
Joe D'Amico, Vice President - jdamico@generalexcavating.com


Not only is “SAFETY FIRST” a commonly heard phrase around General Excavating, but it is a core value and an integral part of what we do on all projects. We are committed to the safety of ourselves, our co-workers, our project partners, and anyone else who steps on site with us. Through innovative programs and training, General Excavating provides our employees with the proper knowledge, tools, and resources needed to safely accomplish their work. In addition, General Excavating is a BROWZ qualified contractor, an ISN qualified contractor as well as Operator Qualified in several pipeline construction tasks through VERIFORCE.  BROWZ, ISN, and VERIFORCE both provide management compliance services to ensure that supply chains are safe and qualified. 

General Excavating’s current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.79. 

The EMR is the construction industry's standard for measuring a company’s safety performance and is used to gauge the severity of a company’s accidents and injuries. The average EMR for the industry is 1.0, anything lower than 1.0 is above average, and anything higher than 1.0 is below average.
The items below represent a “partial” list of topics covered each year at General Excavating, and they are a primary reason why we have remained YOUR “UNDERGROUND” PARTNER:
  • First Aid / CPR
  • BNSF Railroad Contractor Orientation
  • UP E-Rail Safety
  • Black Hills Energy OQ Training
  • City of Omaha Sewer Layer License
  • OSHA Competent Person & Excavation Safety
  • OSHA Confined Space
  • IDNR UST Installation/Removal Training
  • Flagger
  • Supervisor Drug & Alcohol            


General Excavating offers a wide array of services, which makes us one of the most diversified construction companies in the Midwest:
  • Underground Utilities
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Directional Boring
  • Communications
  • Environmental Construction
  • Excavation Shoring
  • Hourly Service Work


At General Excavating, our employees are the #1 asset. Our team is driven by quality, safety, and understanding that continual training is the key to improving their craft.  We are continuously seeking talented professionals to fill challenging but rewarding positions that lead to well-compensated careers in the construction industry.  If you have the skills and capabilities to help General Excavating grow, call (402) 467-1627 and join YOUR “UNDERGROUND” PARTNER.