April 12015

Lincoln Electric System Duct Bank

Lending a hand takes on new meaning during a recent portion of General Excavating's work on a Lincoln Electric System infrastructure improvement project.  General Excavating crews manually shift a prefabricated distribution vault to be properly aligned with its base as it's lowered by a crane during work on the project located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  This vault along with two others, duct banks, duct bank stub outs, and appurtenant work are part of a project associated with and serving a new Lincoln Electric System substation at 21st and 'N' Street.  This work, in a busy section of the city, requires a great ...

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January 52015

SHOREGUARD -Seawall Restoration and Maintenance Project

ShoreGuard is an extremely durable product often used to protect the shoreline of ponds, lakes or other bodies of water from erosion and the elements.  ShoreGuard is a system of interlocking vinyl sheet piling that is driven into the ground, supported by deadmen tie backs, secured by front (waterside) and back (landside) walers and finished with a cap board.  General Excavating recently completed a restoration and maintenance project at a farm pond where ShoreGuard had been installed over fifteen years ago.  While the seawall was in excellent shape, the cedar cap and walers needed replaced after the long period of exposure.  General ...

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