October 242014

SPRINT - Fiber Optics

Installation of fiber optics in a railroad right-of-way provide a unique set of challenges as trains can cruise by at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour.  Such is the case on General Excavating's current job site installing innerduct and fiber optics for SPRINT in a Union Pacific right-of-way near Grand Island, Nebraska.  Before crew members are allowed on site, they must become UNION PACIFIC Fiber Optics Safety Trained.  This training is an essential part in understanding the unique hazards associated with work in close proximity to an active railroad.  General Excavating's work on this project includes construction of nearly 17,000 ...

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October 82014

Nebraska Innovation Campus - CRES Project

The Centralized Renewable Energy System Project (CRES), designed by Olsson Associates, captures effluent from the City of Lincoln's Theresa Street Wastewater Treatment Facility normally discharged into Salt Creek.  Through a series of pumps, pipes, and valves, the system will heat and cool buildings on Nebraska Innovation Campus.  The innovative CRES Project is one of the largest heating and cooling systems of its kind in the United States.  General Excavating, working as a subcontractor to the Kiewit Building Group, proposed several cost savings ideas on the CRES Project which saved over one million dollars on the cost of construction.  General Excavating installed over 10,000 ...

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