SPRINT - Fiber Optics

Installation of fiber optics in a railroad right-of-way provide a unique set of challenges as trains can cruise by at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour.  Such is the case on General Excavating's current job site installing innerduct and fiber optics for SPRINT in a Union Pacific right-of-way near Grand Island, Nebraska.  Before crew members are allowed on site, they must become UNION PACIFIC Fiber Optics Safety Trained.  This training is an essential part in understanding the unique hazards associated with work in close proximity to an active railroad.  General Excavating's work on this project includes construction of nearly 17,000 feet of innerduct, fiber optics, and associated work on a communications outside plant replacement project.  General Excavating utilized hydro excavation to locate existing utilities and other underground encumbrances.  Directional boring is being used on nearly 3,000 feet of the project to limit disruption of roadways or avoid surface obstructions while the remainder is being installed with a vibratory plow.