June 262020

Construction Safety

Not only is “SAFETY FIRST” a commonly heard phrase around General Excavating, but it is a core value and an integral part of what we do on all projects. We are committed to the safety of ourselves, our co-workers, our project partners, and anyone else who steps on site with us. Through innovative programs and training, General Excavating provides our employees with the proper knowledge, tools, and resources needed to safely accomplish their work. In addition, General Excavating is an Avetta qualified contractor, and a BNSF qualified contractor through Browz that is now transition to Avetta. And lastly, we are Operator Qualified ...

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May 132020

Is Your Contractor Providing Value?

How can you tell when the contractor you have brought on board is the best choice for providing real value?  It is difficult to not be swayed by the number staring at you from the bottom line, but how often does the lowest number provide the best long-term solution?  How often has your low dollar contractor made you think maybe there is a reason why they historically come in lower than most other contractors?  Consider the following: What dollar value do you assign to the time a contractor spends upfront analyzing the job and looking for more efficient/economical ways to get the job ...

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