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Wedgewood Lake needed some repairs and rehabilitation.  Through the course of time, sediment had collected diminishing the lake's capacity and the outlet structure showed signs of deterioration.  Wedgewood Lake, a private lake owned by the Wedgewood Lake Manor Association, like other lakes, is inspected annually by the Nebraska Department of Natural ResourcesThe Flatwater Group designed a rehabilitation project that included draining the lake and repairing the outlet structure.  General Excavating, working as a subcontractor to Gana Trucking & Excavating, repaired the emergency spillway including pouring a concrete floor, walls, and the installation of new aluminum slide gates.  Gana removed the accumulated sediment and transported it off site for disposal.  The finished project will allow members of the Wedgewood Lake Manor Association to once again enjoy the benefits of lake life.  This project is another example of the diverse construction work complete by General Excavating.