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Hydro Excavation

Lincoln, NE – Completing projects safely and efficiently when you don’t know what you don’t know can be a challenge.  The engineering and construction industries deal with unknowns on a daily basis as existing structures get replaced by new buildings, roadways get widened, and utilities are extended or upgraded.  The unknowns impact cost, production, and safety. General Excavating can help remove some of the uncertainties by locating below grade utilities with Hydro Excavation.  Hydro Excavation uses high pressured water combined with a powerful vacuum system to expose and locate below grade utilities and significantly reduce potential damage to important infrastructure.  Recent completed projects include cutting frost on upgrades to an existing Black Hills Energy substation, potholing for Lincoln Electric System, and exposing a Sprint fiber cable for Pottawattamie County.  Contact John Kooistra at or Ron Graphenteen at to discuss how General Excavating's Hydro Excavation can impact the successful completion of your project.