VAULTS and VALVES Central Utility Plant Construction

Improving efficiency and reducing energy costs are driving forces in the construction of new or upgrade of existing central utility plants. Central Utility Plants (CUP) are more efficient, reliable and offer savings compared to decentralized heating and cooling systems. The CUP produces steam and chilled water used for heating and cooling of campuses, developments and healthcare facilities. General Excavating has been in the center of many CUP construction projects including the District Energy Corporation’s plant in the Haymarket, UNMC's facility in Omaha, the CRES project on Nebraska Innovation Campus, the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s East and City Campuses and several others. Construction includes chilled water lines, steam and condensate lines, vaults and as shown in the picture above, valves. The cast in place or precast vaults allow access to valves such as the 42” butterfly valve used on a recent General Excavating project. The work is challenging and includes a great deal of coordination as numerous above and below grade obstacles exist in CUP construction projects.