Successful environmental remediation projects often have one thing in common...that is, they are almost always unique in their design and construction.  General Excavating has a long history of environmental construction projects all across the Midwest ranging from fuel recovery systems to contaminated soil clean-up.  Working closely with highly qualified cosultants, General Excavating helps the design/costruction team answer the questions each site presents.  For example; how will the current owner be impacted, which remediation system will best address the contamination, where will the recovered product be disposed, how will the site be restored, and many other project specific challenges are all factored into a successful environmental construction project.  General Excavating has removed lead from shooting ranges, recovered and treated product from leaking UST's, amended and hauled contaminated soil, bored piping to connect recovery wells, and a wide range of other types of work.  For more information about the services General Excavating offers or how we can assist on your next environmental construction project, contact Ken Imig at (402) 467-1627 or visit our website at for a full list of services.