Design/Build Assistance

A common question asked of General Excavating's project managers by engineers, general contractors, mechanical contractors, and owners is: "What can General Excavating provide early in the design process to assist in the efficient delivery of our project?"  The first thing we offer is over 30 years of institutional knowledge.  If you have a project in the area, there is a pretty good chance we have been there in the past on other jobs.  This experience means many potential problems can be avoided or cost savings provided early in the project development process.  While budget numbers for underground utilities is a good starting point, we can also assist with alignments, propose alternate construction methods or another material option.  Does directional boring offer a savings or is it more cost-effective to open cut the project?  Do the civil drawings show a complete scope? These are the types of questions we answer and examples of how letting General Excavating be YOUR "UNDERGROUND" PARTNER early in the design phase can help get your project off to the best start possible.