Trenchless Construction

They are common questions.  "How long is the reach?"  "What about light pole bases?"  "How long does it take?"  Electricians, facility managers, municipalities, general contractors and many others all asking about the production of hydro excavation.  Of course, soil conditions vary from site to site and weather plays a role as well but in general terms, excluding mobilization, if you wanted to excavate a 18" diameter hole that was 5' deep, it would take approximately 20 minutes.  A typical light pole base requires a hole 24" x 8' deep which requires roughly sixty minutes to hydro excavate.  The vac trucks have reaches up to 200-feet and our vac trailers provide the mobility to maneuver into smaller locations.  Applications?   Recent examples include splice pits for a local power company, existing utility location for an Omaha medical center, services on a city water main, pot holing at a zoo and many other various sized projects. What is it worth to you and your project to identify existing underground encumbrances? For more information on hydro excavation or to get answers about trenchless construction, contact Steve at (402)467-1627.