Nebraska Innovation Campus: Central Renewable Energy System

Work has commenced on one of Nebraska's most innovative energy system projects. The Central Renewable Energy System Project (CRES), designed by Olsson Associates, captures effluent from the City of Lincoln's Theresa Street Wastewater Treatment Facility normally discharged into Salt Creek. Through a series of pumps, pipes, and valves, this system will send the treated water to Innovation Campus to be used to heat and cool the buildings currently under construction. Working as a subcontractor to the Kiewit Building Group, General Excavating recently began installation of twin 30" ductile iron pipes on the north edge of the WWTF complex. The pipe, bedded with flowable fill, will transport effluent to a soon to be constructed pump house for continued distribution to the campus. Nebraska NOVA Construction, LLC is the owner of the CRES project built to serve a research campus designed to facilitate new partnerships between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and private businesses.