Heliwalls Shoring Installation by General Excavating

General Excavating installs HELIWALLS®, a heavy-duty reusable excavation shoring system. The HELIWALLS® system is engineered for shoring projects requiring excavations up to 16-feet in depth. Some of the benefits include:

  • Time & Cost Savings. The HELIWALLS® shoring system is 30%-40% less expensive than traditional shoring and can be installed quicker.
  • Less Vibration/Disturbance.  The HELIWALLS® shoring system results in little to no ground disturbance.
  • Engineered for Strength.  The HELIWALLS® shoring system is a heavy duty steel with interlocking design that is reusable.  

To learn more about the HELIWALLS® shoring system and how it can help save time and money on your next project, contact Brian Egr or Randy McDonald at (402) 467-1627. Or watch our video on General Excavating's Youtube

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