Excavation Shoring

Shoring Installation by General Excavating Video

Excavating by its very nature can be unsafe. As the excavation gets deeper, reinforcement helps to ensure the lateral walls of the excavation remain intact, thereby preventing cave-ins and other dangerous circumstances.  Excavating shoring is a common technique used to reinforce these below-ground excavations during building or other construction projects to ensure the walls remain in place.  

General Excavating, with over 35 years of experience in the construction of underground utilities, now installs HELIWALLS®, a heavy-duty reusable excavation shoring system. The HELIWALLS® system is engineered for shoring projects requiring excavations up to 16 feet in depth.  Recent General Excavating installation projects in the Omaha metro area realized the following benefits:
•    Time & Cost Savings. The HELIWALLS® shoring system is 30%-40% less expensive than traditional shoring and can be installed quicker.
•    Less Vibration/Disturbance.  The HELIWALLS® shoring system results in little to no ground disturbance.
•    Engineered for Strength.  The HELIWALLS® shoring system is a heavy-duty steel with interlocking design that is reusable.  

To learn more about General Excavating’s shoring installation services and how it can help save time and money on your next construction project, visit our website at or contact Brian Egr or Randy McDonald at (402) 467-1627.