Is Your Contractor Providing Value?

How can you tell when the contractor you have brought on board is the best choice for providing real value?  It is difficult to not be swayed by the number staring at you from the bottom line, but how often does the lowest number provide the best long-term solution?  How often has your low dollar contractor made you think maybe there is a reason why they historically come in lower than most other contractors?  Consider the following:

  • What dollar value do you assign to the time a contractor spends upfront analyzing the job and looking for more efficient/economical ways to get the job built?  
  • How much is it worth to have a contractor on board who has a long-standing reputation of delivering quality work? 
  • Most importantly, what is the value of having a contractor on site that deals with problems head on? 

Ultimately, shouldn’t these considerations be factored into determining the real value of the contractor you have selected?  Problems will arise.  An unforeseen conflict prior to the job becomes evident during construction, and how does the low dollar contractor deal with the unexpected compared to the firm that invested the time upfront to understand the true nature of the work?

General Excavating is in the business of solving your underground problems, and we do this by providing “value” before construction, during construction, and after construction.  Often contractors will let you know their projects come in on time and on budget.  Aren’t these supposed to be givens?  General Excavating has built a reputation for “expecting the unexpected” on underground utility work. Our estimators and project managers are exceptionally thorough and often identify conflicts prior to construction.  Clients appreciate the professionalism General Excavating provides from the beginning of the job to after the work has been completed.  What dollar amount do you place on knowing the work will be done right and done once without having to micromanage the contractors on your job?  Call us to get your next project off to a great start!