Fuel Systems at U-Stop Convenience Shop

GENERAL EXCAVATING and Midwest Petroleum Equipment have been working together and installing fuel tanks and delivery systems for nearly 30 years.  The latest collaboration is occurring at the intersection of 75th Street and Hwy 2 for the Whitehead Oil Company.  A new U-Stop Convenience Shop is currently being built by Hampton Construction. General Excavating, along with MPE are busy installing tanks, piping, pumps, monitoring equipment and all the associated work on the Whitehead Oil Company Project.  “It’s a good team.  MPE is good at what they do, and we have been fortunate to work with a client like Whitehead Oil…  where quality, safety, and clear expectations are the norm,” stated project manager Ken Imig of General Excavating.  The partnership between General Excavating and Midwest Petroleum Equipment has helped convenience stations, truck stops, and other fuel systems across the region with their new construction or expansion and renovation plans.  For more information, contact Ken Imig at or call (402) 467-1627