Construction Safety Week... Connected. Supported. Safe.

AGC of America's Construction Safety Week has arrived. May 2nd-6th, companies across the industry will renew their focus on working safely. At General Excavating, THINK SAFETY FIRST is located prominently on every truck to serve as a visual reminder to our employees and trade partners that working safely is a core value and integral part of everything we do. Construction is a high-hazard industry and construction workers engage in many activities that may expose them to possible risks. General Excavating utilizes several resources and safety professionals to assist our employees and others on and off the construction sites to identify, reduce, and eliminate construction-related hazards. To this end, General Excavating prequalifies through several entities who provide management compliance services to ensure the clients they serve have a reliable pool of well-trained, low-risk, financially strong, and qualified contractors. For example, Energy Worldnet, ISNetworld, Avetta, GRMS, and ConstructSecure Inc. are companies General Excavating works with and through to become prequalified to work on manufacturing sites, railroads, data centers, and other project sites. These firms collect safety, quality, procurement, and regulatory data to help Owner Clients evaluate the best possible contractors/suppliers. Think safety first is a driving force as we work to build the necessary knowledge, training, and experience needed to perform our jobs safely and correctly.