Your "Underground" Partner- 35 Years

   “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” - Winston Churchill

The past 35 years have been filled with changes for General Excavating. People have built careers and retired, projects have grown in size and complexity, technology has become integrated into almost all aspects of our work, and the demand for resources pushes A/E/C firms to find more economical and sustainable designs. Through it all, one concept has remained firmly in place, how can we provide underground construction solutions to meet our client’s needs? The answer is simple; focus on the ideals that sustain successful companies over time. Those concepts include building and fostering meaningful relationships, treating others fairly and professionally, looking for solutions as problems arise, and understanding that success is achieved only when we all do well.

General Excavating has been blessed with an abundance of talented men and women who care about their work and strive to perfect their craft. For 35 years, General Excavating has engaged clients early to determine how we can help. Is directional boring a less disruptive option for electricians on a school renovation project? Can we assist in permitting and removal of an underground storage tank so a road can be widened? Or is there value in reviewing alignment and phasing on a hydronic piping installation project? Ultimately as our scope concludes we ask our clients and trade partners, "Were you satisfied with the work?" before, during, and after successful project completion?

For 35 years General Excavating has strived to be the top underground utility contractor in the area. Could your project benefit from early assistance on design development, budget assistance, alternate materials suggestions or construction methods, and ultimately the successful completion of your project. In that case, General Excavating may have what you are looking for as we look towards the future and another 35 years of being YOUR “UNDERGROUND” PARTNER.