Utilities Work: Coordination is Critical

Secured Entrances, Site Safety Orientations, I.D. Badges, Limited Staging Areas, High Pedestrian Traffic, Confined Spaces... all familiar terms and guidelines when working on industrial, manufacturing or healthcare projects. General Excavating thrives in these types of work environments and has often found itself between a concrete wall and some other immovable object.  "One of the challenges on this type of project is the large number of people all working in the same area.  Coordination with other trades is crucial for a successful project," according to Jim Brunner, project manager at General Excavating.  While work in a manufacturing facility can provide some unique problems, it also represents an opportunity to showcase the construction skills and safety procedures a company utilizes on a day-to-day basis.  Are you installing a fireline, improving a storm sewer system, constructing a new sanitary sewer line, or installing floor drains?  If so, before you start your next project and find yourself between a load bearing wall and a tight spot, let General Excavating be Your "Underground" Partner.